Managed Backups

Back-up Services for Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers

Xtraordinary's backup service for dedicated servers utlilises R1Soft backup software. R1Soft is a server imaging tool, it stores an image of a server's disks "bit by bit", rather than on a "file by file" basis used by traditional backup tools. The technology is similar to Norton Ghost and Microsoft's Automated Deployment Services (ADS), however R1Soft is build with backups in mind and is more sophisticated and flexible.

Backup Frequency & Retention Period

You can choose to have your data backed up either once a week or on a daily basis.

  • Weekly Backups A full backup is made once a week. Copies of the the two most recent weekly backups are stored at all times.
  • Daily Backups A full backup is made once a week, with an incremental backup taken each day (storing data that has changed since the last full backup). Copies of the the two most recent weekly backups are stored at all times.

Costs vary depending on the amount of data you require backed up.

Backup Pricing Structure 

Frequency Set-up Cost Recurring Cost Additional Backup
Weekly Backups £50 one-off-fee £50 pm including first 20 GB storage £5pm per 10GB
Daily Backups £50 one-off-fee £75 pm including first 20 GB storage £10pm per 10GB


R1Soft agent software is installed on your server and Xtraordinary take care of the back-up process, including monitoring that backups have run correctly. You can tell us either to back-up the entire server or only specific directories. 

One free restore per month is included. We reserve the right to charge £50 per restore for any additional restores.

GB for billing purposes is average of the two full weekly backups taken, during the month, rounded up to the next 5 GB.

R1Soft Features and Advantages

R1Soft has the following capabilities:

  • Snapshot "Image" of a Server R1Soft backup works at a disk rather than a file system level. It takes an exact copy of all the data on the hard disk "bit by bit" . This means all aspects of the Windows installation and the customers' applications can be captured. If a server has to be restored it can be restored back to the precise state it was in when the backup "snap shot" was taken.
  • Image Can be Taken During Normal Server Operation Disk imaging can be carried out while the server is operational, no down-time is required to take an image.
  • Rapid Restore Having an entire disk image available allows for rapid restore of a server in the event of hardware failure or operating system corruption or fatal trojan/defacement. There is no need to reinstall the opearting system or the customer's applications. If server hardware has failed and the server cannot be easily repaired then backup images can be moved to alternative server hardware very easily.
  • Fast Backups compression of data resulting in faster server backups and restores.
  • Can Still Restore Individual Files An image can be "explored" and individual files can still be restored if required.
  • Mount an Image An image can be mounted as a new Windows drive if required (this can be useful for restoring individual files or copying data).

Legal note: while Xtraordinary make every effort to ensure safe storage of data, in the event of the loss of back-up data we do not accept any liability for any consequential losses.



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